On September 26, 1996, the UP Board of Regents approved the foundation of the Department of Electrical Engineering in UPLB. It resulted in the awesome program of BSEE.1


Since its inception, thousands of students have aspired to be part of this program.2 And those who manage to be a part of it, find themselves in the company of the coolest students and unbelievably good-looking faculty. It was such a great atmosphere, it was almost believable when they use this as an excuse for staying too long in UPLB.


IMG 0156

On picture: The current DEE faculty a.k.a the best looking faculty members ever.


But perhaps the more important story is of those who manage to graduate from the BSEE program. After 5 or more years3 of perennially failing exams, they end up on the top-notchers list of the Registered Electrical Engineering Licensure Examination—an exam dreaded by numerous BSEE graduates of other universities and colleges.


They would subsequently be providing invaluable contribution to society from the various facets of the industry. Some design world-class equipment and infrastructures4, others operate processing plants, while the beautiful and handsome are usually found in the academe.


This cycle of enrolling wide-eyed teenagers to train them into the best electrical engineers in the country has been going on for the past 18 years. And to celebrate the 18th birthday of the Department of Electrical Engineering, a week-long celebration of activities is scheduled on September 22-26, 2014.


The EE Week 2014 kicks-off on Monday, September 22, with a Career Talk from Fluor Daniel Inc.-Phils. and Shoketsu SMC Corporation. The first day also caters to an EE 26 Inter-Laboratory PLC Design Competition. A general info and EE quiz show, titled “PalaEEsipan: Ubusan ng Alam” is scheduled on the evening of September 24.


Capping the week is the second instalment of the “allEEmpics”, entitled "ang pagdadalaga ni deciBel", an inter-batch competition on Friday night, September 26. The first time the department conducted this event, it got such rave reviews that students from other courses were thinking of shifting to BSEE to partake in the event. This new rendition of the famed competition is rumoured to be even greater and have even more sopas.


IMG 0184

On picture: Hosting the allEEmpics is the UPLB version of Aquino and Abunda.


Alumni and other friends of the department are welcome to attend any of the scheduled events. And those with a generous heart are even more welcome to donate to make this event even more awesome. Please do contact any DEE faculty for more information. (Contact details can be found here.)


1 Barney Stinson preferred to call it legendary.

2 90% of which saw it as an alternative to BS ECE of UP Diliman, which they cannot take for some reason or their mother. They would later find out that they got themselves into a much harder course that is almost totally different to ECE despite a single letter difference in their acronyms.

3 Usually more

4 This does not pertain to the Makati City Parking Building