Thesis Title



Development of Laboratory Instructional Material Using the Two Experimental AC Generators in EE Department

Aringo, John Carlo M.

Catriz, R.L.

Single Low Voltage (10V-15V) Fault Location Through Difference Surge Pattern Indentification

Badayos, Noah G.

Eusebio, E.G.

Analysis on the Effect of Varying Voltage Levels on a Short-Distance Single Wire Earth Return(SWER)  Distribution System

Beltran, Benjamin Jonas V.

Catriz, R.L.

Fabrication of Automatic Power Strip

Bernard O. Sanchez


Defining the Machine Stability Limits of Calaca Synchronous Generator 1

Borje, Karl Alvin S.

Eusebio, E.G.

Load Profiling of Electrical Energy Consumption of Buildings in University of the Philippines Los Banos

Bugayong, Reynan Gabriel N.

Catriz, R.L.

Implementation & Evaluation of a 2 Dump Load Hummingbird Electronic Load controller for a Single Phase Microhydroelectronic Generator

Calilung, Kristina Mutya DG.

Catriz, R.L.

An Analysis of the Distribution System Harmonics at University of the Philippines Los Baños

Cesar N. Ramirez


Modelling the Energy Performance of the CEAT Library at Electrical Engineering Building, UPLB Using Least Square Analysis

Cobilla, Arjyl C.

Catriz, R.L.

Development of an Electrical Energy Efficiency Program of Electrical Engineering Buiding Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Cua, John Paul P.

Catriz, R.L.

Computer based application for load flow analysis

Dasalla, Neil Ray I.

Eusebio, E.G.

Evaluation and Establishment of Optimum Settings for Power Savings of Motor with Variable Frequency Drive (Calauan, Laguna)

Del Mindo, Jennirose Q.

Eusebio, E.G.

Cost Reduction at Bayer Philippines Using Power Factor Correction Analysis

Edeza, Aevat T.

Eusebio, E.G.

Evaluation of the Protection System of Sta. Rita Water District

Eisma, Frangelico Fausto L.

Eusebio, E.G.

Evaluation of Lipa Soil Series for Single wire Earth Return (SWER) System

Espendido, Marti Sandino P.

Catriz, R.L.

Electrical Design of Wind Power Plant for Electricity Generation in Marinduque

Ganyfer M. Dorado


A PC Based Application for  DC Generator Armature Design

Guevarra, Eva Krestia B.

Eusebio, E.G.

Design of a Vertical Axis Wind Generator for Perimeter Lighting at University of the Philippines Los Baños

Jethro A. Punay


Foreasting Electricity Reserve of Luzon by Time Series Method

Jimenez, Marcial Brummel J.

Eusebio, E.G.

Simulation of Micro-Hydro Using Gorlov Helical Turbine

Jimenez, Maria Angelica G.

Eusebio, E.G.

A study on Waste Electric Energy of Low Income Family Households in the Philippines

Kristoffer John P. Guinto


Evaluation of Fisher and Paykel Motors as Alternator for a 200 Watt Pico-Hydro Power Supply System

Lavega, Athena P.

Catriz, R.L.

Design of emergency Power Systems of University of the Philippines Los Banos

Limdeekee, Chino V.

Catriz, R.L.

Development of a Computer Aided Instructional Material for Load Flow Analysis Using Gauss Siedel Method and Newton Rapson Method

Lozada, Andreo G. II

Catriz, R.L.

Micro-Hydro Efficiency Characteristics Using Waterwheel Type Turbine and Micro-Hydro Test-Setup

Lozada, Ernesto H.


Selection Framework for the Grid-tied Renewable Energy System of the Electrical Engineering Building, UPLB Using Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis

Madi, Maria Cyrill C.

Catriz, R.L.

Electrical Design for the Relocation of the Pandan Substation of Central Azucarera Don Pedro Inc. (CADPI) in Nasugbu, Batangas

Magaling, Geoffrey T.

Eusebio, E.G.

Fast Charging Battery Charger for 9.6 V Nickel-Metal-Hydride Battery Pack

Manalang, Von Gerald


Design and Fabrication of Bluetooth AC Digital Multimeter

Mark Louie M. Narvaez

AAMSumalde / JDGAgsalud

Development of Software for Bluetooth AC Digital Multimeter

Melvin C. Ilang-Ilang

JDGAgsalud / AAMSumalde

Analysis of the Impact of Proposed Distribution System Transfer of the University of the Philippines Los Baños to Manila Electric Company

Meneses, Alejandro M.


An Assessment of the System Efficiency of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market using Conjectural Variation Approach

Meso, Mark Anthony D.

Catriz, R.L

Electrical System Design of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Facility for the Localities of the Marinduque Province

Michael Joseph B. Samson


Electrical Design of an Additional Diesel Power Plant for Electricity Generation in Marinduque

Nahdiya Zaheer Y. Betonio


Recognition of Tagalog Alphabets Using the Hidden Markov Model

Navarro, Rolando Jr.

Rosete, H.P.

A Comparison in Precision Measurement Using a Stepper Motor with and without feedback

Ojha, Unnati

Eusebio, E.G.

Portable Power Generation by Electro-Hydraulic Energy Conversion in Foot Locomotion

Paul Alexander C. Darvin


Computer Based Application for  Fault Calculation

Perez, Nimrod L.

Eusebio, E.G.

Performance Evaluation of Some Power Saving Devices in the Philippines

Principe, Miguel B

Catriz, R.L.

Design of Secondary Metering Systems for the Buildings in the University of the Philippines Los Banos

Realuyo, Danne Marie P.

Catriz, R.L.

 Analysis of the University of the Philippines Los Baños' Distribution System in Producing a Single Line Diagram in CAD

Ruthzen C. Soriano


Electrical Design of a Photovoltaic Solar Power Station for Additional Electricity Generation in Marinduque

Ryan Jose S. Sumaya


Distribution System Reliability of the University of the Philippines Los Baños: A Component Analysis

Santos, Ren Christian M.

Eusebio, E.G.

Sound Signal Analysis in Determining Different Maturity Levels of Young Coconuts (Cocos Nucifera L.)

Suministrado, Arde Samuel I.

Medrano, A.H.S

Voltage Drop Analysis of Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) System on Lipa Soil Series for Micro-Hydro Setup

Sutingco, Glenn Mark M.

Catriz, R.L.

Assesment of Lightning Efficiency System of Lecture Rooms at Electrical Engineering Building, UPLB Using Least Square Analysis

Villareal, Maricar DLA

Catriz, R.L.

A PC Based Application for  Lightning Design Calculation Using Zonal Cavity Method

Yang, Henry B.

Catriz, R.L.