Course Number Course Title Units Course Description Semester Offered
EE 1 Basic Electrical Engineering 3 Network laws and theorems; resistive and alternating current circuits; basic electronics; power transformers; introduction to logic circuits and motors. 1, 2
EE 10 Introduction To Electrical Engineering 1 Nature and scope of Electrical Engineering 1
EE 11 Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering I 4 Circuit concepts and laws; resistive and magnetic circuits; passive and active devices 1, 2
EE 12 Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering II 4 Transient response; sinusoidal steady state; resonance; transformer theory; polyphase systems 1, 2
EE 15 Linear Systems Analysis 3 Two-port networks; Fourier series; Fourier transforms; Laplace Transforms; Frequency response; filters; difference equations; z-transforms 1, 2
EE 18 Introduction To Electromagnetic Fields 3 Vector analysis; steady electric and magnetic fields; dielectric and magnetic materials; time-varying fields; maxwell's equations; applications to electrical engineering 1, 2
EE 21 Fundamentals Of Electronics 4 Semiconductor theory; operation, characteristics, models and basic circuits of electronic devices; large- and small-signal modeling analysis; biasing circuits; transistor amplifiers and switches; frequency response; feedback; operational amplifiers 1, 2
EE 41 Electromechanical Energy Conversion 4 Basic principles of electromechanical energy conversion; generalized machine model; performance characteristics of direct-current, synchronous and induction machines 1, 2
EE 90 Electrical Engineering Law, Ethics And Contracts 1 Laws, ethics and contracts governing the elctrical engineering profession 2
EE 120 Digital Electronics 4 Digital numbering systems and codes; logic concepts and gates; boolean algebra; combinational and sequential logic circuits; binary arithmetic operations; integrated circuit families; analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion; digital measurements 1, 2
EE 126 Industrial Electronics 3 Electronic devices and control circuits for industrial processes; applications to direct-current and induction machines 1, 2
EE 130 Fundamentals Of Instrumentation 3 Analysis and measurement system; primary sensing elements; signal conditioning and coupling; data output and controlling 1, 2
EE 131 Control Systems Analysis 3 Principles and methods of analyzing control systems 2
EE 141 Electrical Machines 3 Engineering aspects, performance characteristics and applications of transformers, induction motors, synchronous and direct-current generators and motors 2
EE 145 Electrical Equipment And Devices 3 Selected electrical equipment and devices; principles, performance characteristics and roles in electrical system 2
EE 148 Electrical Machine Design 3 Design practices for transformers, rotating machines and selected electrical equipment and devices 1
EE 151 Fundamentals Of Electrical Power Systems 3 Electric power industry; components and system modeling; load-flow concepts; symmetrical components; fault calculations; economic operation; stability studies 1, 2
EE 158 Electrical System Design 3 Choice of systems; selection, arrangement and protection of components for power, light and auxiliary systems of commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings; illumination design 1, 2
EE 159 Industrial Power Systems 3 Selection and arrangement of electrical equipment for distribution, control, protection and metering in industrial plants, substations and modern power plants 2
EE 160 Digital Hardware Design 3 Theory, formalism and methods of digital design; computer interfacing; microprogrammed design; microcomputers in digital design 1, 2
EE 165 Microprocessor-Based Design 4 Microprocessor organizations and programming; microcomputer development systems and interfacing techniques 2
EE 170 Signals And Noise In Communication Systems 3 Description and analysis of signals and noise for signal processing in communication systems 1, 2
EE 171 Fundamentals Of Communication Systems 3 Theories, concepts and techniques in information transmission and reception 1, 2
EE 179 Antenna Engineering 3 Propagation and reception of electromagnetic radiation; principles and concepts in the analysis, design and applications of antennas 2
EE 180 Estimation For Electrical Engineering Projects 3 Estimationof materials and scheduling of activities of an electrical engineering project 1, 2
EE 181 Maintainability Engineering 3 Maintainability as a system characteristic; maintenance strategy analysis; applications in industrial and scientific instruments and systems 1, 2
EE 185 Engineering Production Systems 3 Planning, analysis and electrical/electronic control of production systems in engineering 2nd
EE 191 Special Topics 1-3 May be taken twice provided that the total number of units to be credited to the student's program will not exceed 4 units 2
EE 199 Undergraduate Seminar 1 May be taken twice. 1, 2
EE 200 Undergraduate Thesis 6   1, 2, M
EE 200a Practicum 6   1, 2, M