Course Number Course Title Units Course Description Semester Offered
EE 1 Basic Electrical Engineering 3 Network laws and theorems; resistive and alternating current circuits; basic electronics; power transformers; introduction to logic circuits and motors 1, 2
EE 30 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 1 Nature and scope of Electrical Engineering 1
EE 40 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I 4 Direct-current resistive circuit concepts, laws, circuit analysis and techniques 1, 2
EE 45 Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics 3 Vector analysis; steady electric and magnetic fields; dielectric and magnetic materials; time-varying fields; maxwell's equations; applications to electrical engineering 1, 2
EE 50 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering II 4 Transient response; sinusoidal steady state; resonance; transformer theory; polyphase systems 1, 2
EE 51 Electromechanical Energy Conversion for DC 3 Basic principles of electromechanical energy conversion; generalized machine model; performance characteristics of direct-current, synchronous and induction machines 1, 2
EE 55 Semiconductor Devices 3 Modeling of PN-junctions and characteristics of semiconductor devices 1, 2
EE 60 Signals and Systems 3 Principles, operations, and analysis of continuous- and discrete-time signals and systems 1, 2
EE 61 Electromechanical Energy Conversion for AC 4 Engineering aspects, performance characteristics, and applications of alternators, AC motors, and transformers 1, 2
EE 62  Principles of Power Systems 3 Power systems theories; economics of power system; protection and grounding 1, 2
EE 65 Electronic Circuits 4 Applications of semiconductor devices, and operational amplifier circuits 1, 2
EE 66 Signals and Noise in Electrical Engineering Networks 3 Analysis of signals and noise in communication systems and other electric networks 1, 2
EE 70 Instrumentation Engineering 4 Basic electrical instrumentation and measurement; sensing elements and circuits; programmable logic controllers 1, 2
EE 71 Analysis of Power Systems 3 Modelling of electric power systems and implementation of load flow studies and fault calculations 1, 2
EE 75 Digital Electronics 4   1, 2
EE 80 Control Systems Analysis 3 Continuous-time and feedback control system analysis, design, and stability 1, 2
EE 81  Maintenance of Electrical Equipment and Devices 3 Testing procedures and standards for evaluation of test  results for electrical preventive maintenance  1, 2
EE 85 Industrial Electronics 3 Automation, phase control and power circuits for industrial applications 1, 2
EE 86 Electronic Communication Systems I 3 Basic concepts on the transmission and reception of signals in electronic communication systems 1, 2
EE 79  Electrical Engineering Law, Ethics, and Contracts 1 digital numbering systems and codes; logic concepts and gates; boolean algebra; combinational and sequential logic circuits; binary arithmetic operations; integrated circuit families; analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion; digital measurements 2
EE 91  Electrical Systems Design, Planning, and Estimation 4 Formation of electrical plans and development of estimates and schedules for electrical engineering projects 1, 2
EE 161  Electrical Machine Design   design practices for transformers, rotating machines and selected electrical equipment and devices 1
EE 162  Reliability of Power Systems 3 Modeling and evaluation of the reliability of generation systems, interconnected power systems, and distribution systems 1, 2
EE 163  Industrial Power Systems 3 selection and arrangement of electrical equipment for distribution, control, protection and metering in industrial plants, substations and modern power plants 2
EE 175 Digital Logic and Hardware Description 3 Digital hardware description methods and applications 2
EE 176 Microprocessor-Based Design 4 microprocessor organizations and programming; microcomputer development systems and interfacing techniques 2
EE 177  Power Electronics 3 Switching converter principles, phase control circuits, rectifiers, DC-DC and DC-AC converters 2
EE 186 Electronic Communication Systems II 3 Radiowave propagation, components, and methods used in the analysis and design of electronic communication systems 2
EE 187  Digital Signal Processing 3 Digital signal principles, operations, and analysis 2
EE 191  Special Topics 1-3 May be taken twice provided that the total number of units to be credited to the student's program will not exceed 4 units 1, 2
EE 199  Undergraduate Seminar 1   1, 2
EE 198 Internship 3   1, 2, M
EE 200  Thesis 6   1, 2, M
EE 200b  Innovationeering 6   1, 2, M
EE 200c  Engineering Industry Research 6   1, 2, M